Day Spa

When a person is looking for a day to relax they should visit the Florida European Day Spa. The day spa will offer a person all the relaxation services that they need. When they leave the spa they will be feeling refreshed and will be rejuvenated. There are a number of treatments to help a person look great and leave the spa looking beautiful.
Relaxation Spa

This spa services offers the finest in relaxation. There are several treatments that are part of this package. A person can choose to receive a hot stone massage where warm stones are placed on specific areas of the body in order to restore the energy centers of the body and allow the body to regain its natural balance. The instant glow facial will repair tired looking skin and help a person get their natural glow back. A number of enzyme peels will be used as well as micro circulatory massage techniques. A person can also get a manicure and pedicure that will allow the hands and feet to look great.

Face Treatments

There a number of different facial treatments that can help a person get their bright and healthy looking since once again. There are a number of organic and vitamin peels that can help a person improve the appearance of their skin. These treatments includes :

Bright skin facial
Calm skin facial
Firm skin facial
A facial specially designed for gentlemen

There are organic facials that use all natural products including oxygen to restore the skin. There are also peels including the PCA peel and the facial toning phototherapy that will allow a person to remove old skin cells and restore their new skill cells for a healthy and young looking appearance.
Body Treatments

When a person is feeling tense they can get a number of different massages and body treatments at the European Day Spa. These treatments include the Swedish massage that was designed to relieve tension in the body and help the muscles feel relaxed. There are also massages that are used to treat a number of health conditions including the lymphatic drainage massage as well as the kinesio taping therapy massage.
Including in the body treatments are a number of different scrubs and wraps. These treatments will help remove the dead skin cells from various parts of the body and will allow a person to retain their healthy look. These scrubs and treatments include :

Crème de la crème
Parafango body wrap

A day at the spa would not be complete without a total hair removal service. The technicians that perform the hair removal services can have trained to make this process as painless as possible. Areas that can be waxed include:

Lip and chin
The legs
Bikini area

These are just some of the waxing services that are offered by this spa. A man or a woman can enjoy this hair removal service and have a cleaner appearance.

Relaxation Package

No spa would be complete without a total relaxation package. This package offers different massages techniques based on a person’s needs. They can have anything from their back rubbed down to their feet in order to restore balance to the body. These massage packaged last for different time periods. A person can select anything from an hour massage to a complete day package of relaxing and reducing tension.

When a person leaves the spa it does not mean that they have to leave beauty there. There are different products that a person can purchase to take home with them. They can purchase organic skin care products to keep the skin healthy looking. There are a number of products that have been developed by Dermalab to help promote collagen grown and keep the skin hydrated and looking fresh for months to come after the treatment.
When a person is feeling tense and stressed they should visit the European Day Spa. This spa uses the finest in beauty and relaxation services to help a person look their best. Not only will a person leave the spa looking great they will feel relaxed and rejuvenated as well. The European Day Spa brings the best of beauty and relaxation from Europe right to Florida.