The Beginners Guide To A Day At The Spa

Perhaps you have always desired a relaxing day at the spa but are reluctant to treat yourself due to the unknown factors involved. For many people it is difficult to try new things without having a sense of exactly what will occur. A spa day should be something that you look forward too. It is a relaxing and healthy experience, and certainly not something that should cause you stress. In fact the main reason to enjoy a Florida

European Day Spa is to eliminate the stress that you are already carrying around. That is why we have created The Beginners Guide To A Day At The Spa. The following step by step guide will provide you with everything you need to know in order to become far more comfortable on exactly what to expect during your luxurious day at the spa.

Step One: You Have Arrived!

You have arrived at the spa and your big day is about to begin. As you enter the front door a feeling of excitement, not fear should overcome you. After a friendly greeting the front desk person will ask you to fill out a simple health questionnaire since it is your first time. In order to begin the relaxation process immediately they will ask you to remove your shoes and slip your feet into a fluffy pair of slippers. You will also be offered refreshments, such as exotic juices and other tasty treats in order to indulge yourself in all manners. The spa is absolutely a happy place and you will be pampered throughout the entire experience.

Once you have finished filling out the health forms and your tasty snack you will be lead to a private changing area so that you can slip into a comfortable robe. At this point you will take a tour of the entire facility so that you are completely comfortable with the layout. Most spas will have you arrive a few hours prior to your treatments, which provides an excellent opportunity to use the pool, or relax in the steam room and hot tub. You will be provided with endless refreshments in these areas as well.

Step Two: Treatment Time!

The next step is to meet with the spa treatment team in order to create a custom program for the remainder of your visit. You can chose from a variety of activities such as facials, full body massages, hair styling, hot stone massages, makeup applications, manicures/pedicures, mud baths, and a variety of skin treatments just to name a few. The therapy team will explain all of the options in a detailed manner, and answer each and every question that you may have in order to make you completely comfortable with the process.

This session will also help to determine the services that you would like the most. You can certainly the therapists as many questions as you would like during the actual treatments. They are there to make you as comfortable as possible both physically and mentally during your stay at the spa. Some people wonder if they should conduct conversations with the therapists during treatment. That is completely up to you. If you enjoy conversing then certainly do so. If you would rather enjoy some peace and quiet during your treatments it is absolutely not considered rude to avoid conversation. Always keep in mind that your spa day is yours to do with as you wish. It is all about you.

Step Three: What To Do After Your Treatments Are Complete!

Once the treatments are complete your time at the spa does not need to end. You can certainly spend the rest of your day enjoying the spa’s various facilities such as the gym, hot tub, pool, or steam room. You are not restricted to a time frame, so stay as long as you would like. Some people even decide to partake in additional treatments. Please keep in mind that most spas will charge extra for them and booking the additional treatments depends on the spa’s availability. Some spas even have restaurants, so if you go with a friend or friends it is always a great idea to enjoy a nice meal together. Prior to leaving the spa you will most likely be asked to purchase the products that were used on you throughout the day. If you enjoyed the products and would like to complete your day by purchasing some of them by all means do so. That being said, keep in mind that you are under absolutely no obligation. If you are not interested do not feel guilty about saying no thank. You are free to leave at any time, however most spas will require their guests to check out for safety reasons.

Step Four:

Your day at the spa should be a memorable experience that you enjoy from start to finish. It is an excellent way to relieve the stress of daily living, and once you know exactly what to expect from it there is absolutely zero need to be nervous. You certainly deserve to treat yourself every once in a while, so the final step is to book another appointment at your earliest convenience. We sincerely hope that this information has helped, and that you enjoy your first and hopefully not last day at the spa.